Sunday, 3 December 2017

Christmas events

Choose two events you want to go to. Explain why you don't want to go to two other events, Use the functional language box on page 29 in your Student Book.

Which one?

Everybody has ever wondered 'Is this verb followed by an infinitive or a gerund?' Here is the answer:

Have a look at the previous handout and to this webpage if you would like to have some more practice.

Irregular verbs

This is the list of irregular verbs we will be having a look in class during the academic year 2017-18:

Irregular verb list

How many irregular verbs can you find in this short text? One, two, three? If you've got problems finding them, you need to have a look at the list of irregular verbs:

List of irregular verbs, page 2

If you think, another type of classification would be more useful for you, try these:

Irregular verbs into goups
Irregular verbs grouped according to their pronunciation

Irregular verbs game